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Drynane: The House with Elastic Sides

Drynane: The House with Elastic Sides

This memoir of the Dickson Family siblings is filled with warmth and touched by tragedy.

A personal account and memoir of the Dickson Family siblings - Mark, MaryEllen, Betty, Elaine, Margaret, Janet and Malcolm - and the home they grew up in. The Dickson family resided at Drynane in the suburb of Waverly, Sydney from 1935-1959.


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About the Book

This memoir tells of each sibling’s special connection to the family home, their experiences growing up and eventually moving on to create their own homes, and includes family photographs and a chapter from Mark O’Rourke, a country cousin who spent many happy days at Drynane. It provides a candid picture of life in Sydney in the 30’s – 50’s from the perspective of those children growing up in a home that was filled with love and touched by tragedy.

While Drynane is no longer standing (it was demolished, in the name of progress, in the late ‘60’s) the warm memories that it engendered in it’s former occupants lives on in this memoir.

Genres: Biography, Memoir
Tag: Recommended Books
Publisher: Mooncat Publishing
Publication Year: 2018
Format: Hard cover
Length: 66 pages
ASIN: 0995425620
ISBN: 9780995425620
List Price: 41.52
eBook Price: 4.99
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